Scala dei Turchi

In the province of Agrigento, lies the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological site filled with the remains of classical Greek civilization. A popular destination for tourists who visit this area is undoubtedly The Stairs of the Turks. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it resembles a staircase that rises from the sea to the rocky wall of the mountain and each step has a soft and irregular shape. The”staircase” is a cliff composed of marl, a sedimentary calcareous and clay rock characterised by a milky white colour. Its undulating shape, caused by wind erosion, has given it the name Scala dei Turchi (The Stairs of the Turks) because Saracen pirates (wrongly called Turks) used this location as an easy landing place for their boats.

Once at the top, the panorama stretches for several kilometres along the coast to Capo Rossello.

Unfortunately, this area has been the victim of a great deal of unauthorised building, which has severely damaged the landscape and increased the hydro- geological risk.


The “staircase” can be reached from one of the two beaches that, along with the sea, embrace its base. It is not easy to find parking and the beach is accessible by following a sort of path that connects the beach to the road.

For those who decide to reach the top suitable footwear is recommended.


Free of charge but a contribution may be requested.



2 hours

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