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Marsala and Kitesurfing

The best place to learn and progress

As many people know, the Stagnone Reserve of Marsala is one of the most popular destinations for kitesurfing enthusiasts. There are not many spots in Europe that have such a  large lagoon with shallow waters and constant winds that blow all year round. In addition, the mild Sicilian climate means that wind and water can be enjoyed even in winter.

Lo Stagnone

From beginner to pro

Our staff knows the Stagnone area and the kite schools very well. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice if you have any doubts or concerns.

The special characteristics of the Stagnone make this spot ideal for any type of kitesurfers or for those who want to approach this sport for the first time. There is room for everyone in this wide lagoon and in case of problems you can always return on foot since the water level is usually between 40 and 70 cm. In addition a soft seabed guarantees gentle impacts even from violent falls.

To enter the lagoon, the kiters have at their disposal some areas of the coast not exclusively reserved for swimmers. These areas are easily identifiable thanks to the presence of numerous kite schools.

With more than 20 schools to choose from, many people often do not know which one to turn to. Ask us and we will give you advice based on your needs.

If you would like information on the rules issued by the harbourmaster’s office, please consult the following link: Normativa guardia costiera di Marsala

The winds of Lo Stagnone

Enjoy the wind and the sun

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Marsala has about 300 days of wind per year. Here the winds blow constantly and from all directions. The lagoon benefits from winds from almost all directions (tramontana, maestrale, ponente, libeccio and scirocco) with the exception of the grecale or levante wind, which blows from land and rarely reaches the Stagnone.

In summer, it is mainly tramontana, a cool, light northerly wind that usually starts around midday.

In spring and autumn, there frequently are days of mistralwind, which can reach more than 30 knots.

Another wind that is quite common at Stagnone in Marsala is the Sirocco. This wind blows strong and uninterrupted even at night for several days. It is a very gusty wind, but it gives unique emotions.

Being a shallow water lagoon you don’t run the risk of being ‘blown’ offshore by the wind and in case of problems you can always walk back with the kite in the water….

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Other spots in Marsala

Of course, kitesurfing in Marsala is not just about the Stagnone. Lovers of the open sea and waves can find ideal spots along the coast from Trapani to Mazara del Vallo.

Among the main spots north of the Stagnone we find the beach of Marausaand that of San Giuliano. They are large beaches but also very popular with swimmers.

South of Marsala you will find spots such as Biscioneand Killer. Places that are very popular with experienced kiters.

Further south, in the municipality of Mazara, kite schools again operate at Capofeto and Puzziteddu spots. There are wide beaches and conditions suitable for everyone.

Now wind?

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