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Do you have camping or RV sites available?

No, we are not a campsite and are not equipped to accommodate either tents or campers.

Are there any restaurants near the hostel?

Yes there are bars & restaurants in the village of San Leonardo and many kiosks facing the lagoon serving lunches, aperitives & dinners

Is there a supermarket near the hostel?

Yes, it’s within walking distance of the hostel, in the village of San Leonardo. There is a supermarket, a fruit and vegetable store, a few bars, a pizzeria, a newsstand and a pharmacy.

Is the area around the hostel suitable for bikes?

The whole area of the village of San Leonardo is easily accessible by bike, there is also a bike path that runs along the Stagnone lagoon making it possible to easily reach both the Kitesurfing schools area and the city of Marsala.

It is possible to swim in the Stagnone lagoon?

It is possible in areas where water depth allows, beware, however, of high water salinity levels due to shallow water.

There is also an anemone present in the lagoon that on contact with the skin could create some reaction (not serious).

We absolutely do not recommend swimming or walking in the water in the area of the lagoon where kitesurfing is taught/practiced.

What is the nearest swimmable beach?

The nearest beach facing the sea (not lagoon) is called San Teodoro and is more or less 7 km from the hostel.

It can be reached by car in 10 to 15 minutes or by bicycle in about 20 minutes.

Another way to reach it ( only during the summer months) is by taking a bus ( LINE 4) that connects the beach to the village of San Leonardo (supermarket area).

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