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Beaches to visit

If your plans are to spend a relaxing day at the beach, the choice is vast. Throughout the province of Trapani there are beaches for all needs, from those with calm shallow water, to those more ” lively” for water sports.

The list includes beaches that can be reached in the vicinity of Kite Hostel Stagnone with a maximum distance of about half an hour by car. In summer, the thermal wind blows every day from midday onwards. So, if you want to spend a couple of hours on the beach waiting for the wind, Lido Marausa and San Teodoro are the most suitable due to their proximity to the kitesurfing spots.

Many beaches have lidos with the possibility of renting deckchairs and beach umbrellas. However, there is also the possibility of using the free beaches.

Lido Signorino:

Craving a slice of Sicilian paradise with a touch of elegance? Lido Signorino beckons

San Teodoro

Imagine stepping onto a beach of impossibly soft, white sand, the turquoise waters …

Lido Marausa

Escape the hustle and bustle near Trapani Airport at Lido Marausa, a haven for families and adventure seekers.

San Giuliano beach

Craving a slice of Sicilian paradise? Look no further than San Giuliano Beach

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