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Our favourite restaurants

An overview of our favourite restaurants and ice cream shops around the hostel and in Marsala en Trapani. Use the filter to select where you want to eat. Also have a look at our other recommendations for beaches, points of interest and other things to doo when you are not kitesurfing.

Believe us you don’t have to be bored when there is no wind. If there is also check out the other kitesurf spots around in sicily.

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A Love Affair with Sicilian Flavors: Osteria Il Gallo e L’innamorata

Love affair with Sicily? Find it at Osteria Il Gallo. Rustic charm, passionate plates, and “fuori menu” surprises. Fall in love, bite by bite.

Dive into the heart of Marsala at La Marinara: Where seafood sings and tradition reigns

Dive into Marsala’s heart at La Marinara. Seafood sings, tradition reigns, and flavors dance on your plate. Escape the tourist trail, find the soul of Sicily.

Breathe in history and savor the sea: A journey to Marsala’s Old Pier

Step back in time and embrace the essence of Marsala at the historic Old Pier

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