Bathe in Myth and Minerals: A Journey to Segesta’s Natural Thermal Baths

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of western Sicily, where ancient temples whisper tales of a bygone era, lie the Segestan Thermal Baths. More than just a spa, these natural pools are steeped in myth and legend, promising a unique blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and historical intrigue.

Legends Rise from the Steam:

Legend has it that the nymph Egesta, fleeing the Trojan War, stumbled upon this magical spot. The river god Crimiso, smitten by her beauty, warmed the waters for her comfort, giving birth to the thermal springs we know today.

Nature’s Healing Embrace:

For centuries, these mineral-rich waters have been prized for their therapeutic properties. Flowing from a 50-meter-deep spring at a constant 47°C, they are rich in sulfur, alkaline, and chlorine, believed to alleviate ailments ranging from rheumatism to respiratory issues and skin conditions.

Our tip:

Walk passed the first bath and follow the river to find a smaller less crowded pool. A bit further there is a thermal gave and even a thermal water fall. Make sure to bring some drinks and enjoy a relaxing time in nature. For parking the car follow the spot on google maps. Just drive down the small steep road and just walk for 8 minutes to reach the nature pools.

Link to the parking spot in google maps

If you like more luxury check out the paid thermal bath option: Cascate del mulino

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