The island of Mozia 

The island of Mozia (or San Pantaleo) is, among all the islands of the Lagoon of the Stagnone, the most interesting in terms of history and culture. You can visit archaeological ruins dating back to the twelfth century BC. At that time, Mozia was located in the open sea as the Lagoon of the Stagnone had not yet been formed. The island was exploited by the Phoenicians who used this rich colony as a commercial and trading base and as a resource for salt extracting

During the medieval period, the island was subject to a succession of owners including aristocrats and ecclesiastics, including the Basilian monks of Palermo who changed its name to San Pantaleo.

It was in the early 1900s that Mozia was recognized for its important historical status when the English archaeologist Joseph Whitaker bought the island, built a museum and brought to light the Phoenician-Punic sanctuary, the archaic necropolis and other architectural structures dating back to ancient times.


Today, the island of Mozia and the museum can still be visited. The island can be explored on foot and can be reached by boat or private vessels.


Return boat ticket: € 5
Museum ticket: € 6



7 minutes

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