The island of Favignana is the most important of the three major islands in the Egadi archipelago (the other two are Levanzo and Marettimo). It is characterised by jagged coastlines that sometimes give way to sandy coves. The houses built in tuff recall the old fishing villages of the early ‘900. The sea that surrounds the island is among the most crystal clear that you can see and provides unique colors to divers. In fact, this feature is much appreciated by diving and snorkelling enthusiasts as you can enjoy view of more than10 metres deep. The most popular destinations are Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra. Both beaches are characterised by white sand and an azure seabed. The protected waters close to the coast make these two coves very popular with families and children. Diving enthusiasts can choose the Bue Marino beach as their destination. In the past there was an old quarry here for extracting tuff and the remains of the excavations have provided visitors with springboards for jumping into the water.


The island can be reached by ferry from both Marsala and Trapani, but for sea lovers, the most popular solution is to rent a dinghy and reach Favignana in complete autonomy and then sail around the island and stop where you want.

Watch out for jellyfish. Sometimes, jellyfish may be pushed by the current towards the coast of the island. Check carefully before entering the water.


Ferry prices vary depending on location and time of departure. In high season, it is advisable to book online in advance.




2 hours (including car journey to the port)

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