The park of Selinunte

The park of Selinunte is located in the municipality of Castelvetrano and is the largest archaeological site in Europe.


The city originated in Greek times and was founded by Diodorus Siculus in 650 BC. Selinunte was able to quickly reach its peak, thanks to the riches coming from the commercial activity with the Sicilian Punic colonies and from the dominion it exercised over the vast surrounding territory. The turbulent relationship with the Segestians (see above) and the Carthaginians led the inhabitants of Selinuntes to an alliance with Syracuse, hoping for protection during the violent Punic wars. The allies, however, were not able to come to the rescue in time and in 409 BC the Carthaginians besieged the city and after only nine days Selinuntes fell under the control of the enemies.

Today the park retains its ancient charm and is accessible to the numerous visitors from all over the world. The archaeological site is very large but there are four main areas:


It is situated on the central promontory. The area, considered sacred, is rich in temples sheltered by fortifications.


Located to the north, it was the centre of the city. It was the site of the Agora, the ancient settlement, and the place where social and political activity took place.


This area was located outside the protective walls and was also a sacred area with very large temples.


This was the city’s industrial area. Located near the eastern walls, it was the centre of ceramic production thanks to the presence of kilns and numerous work areas.


The park is accessible to cars and some temples can be reached along a road that is only accessible to those who have paid the tickets. Visitors can choose to explore the entire area on foot or take advantage of the paid service that transports tourists around the park.


€ 6 entrance to the archaeological park



1 hour and 10 minutes

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