Erice is a small citadel, about 750 metres above sea level, built on the mountain bearing the same name. It is characterised by medieval Baroque and Gothic styled buildings. The houses are built very close to each other and leave little space for the stone alleys that run between them. Some alleyways are so narrow that only one person can pass at a time. There are many legends about Erice including the one about “Venus Ericina”. It is believed that Erice originated with the period of the Sicans who built the temple dedicated to the goddess Venus. From the ruins of this temple the Norman castle was later built.

The panorama from Erice is breathtaking. On one side you can enjoy the view of Trapani, the salt pans, the Egadi islands and Marsala. On some days you can even catch a glimpse of the island of Pantelleria. On the northernmost side, the Gulf of Castellammare and the Tyrrhenian Sea fade into various shades of blue. Artistic, historical and cultural exhibitions and events are organised at various times of the year. Visit the website for more information


Erice can only be reached by car or cable car and is only accessible on foot. It is important to bear in mind that the temperature is variable depending on the weather conditions. For example, cloud banks and cold wind can cause a drastic drop in temperature so remember to wear suitable clothing.


€ 9 return cable car ride
Event prices change each time



  • Cable car departure square: 29 minutes
  • Erice car park: 43 minutes

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